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Welcome to the Precision Lawn Care Inc. Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Blog.

We started this blog for our customers as a complement to our newsletter. We hope that you are a satisfied PLC customer and that you are leaving your landscape in the hands of our expert technicians. But we understand that you are going to periodically have questions that we hope we can answer here.

Over the next weeks and months we hope to offer practical suggestions and advice for anyone who is interested in the upkeep of their property. We are going to begin with a series of posts on lawn fertilization. Over the next six weeks we are posting a series of articles explaining why, how and when to fertilize your lawn.

If you are not a Precision Lawn Care customer we invite you to call us at (770) 979-5171 or e-mail to find out how you can benefit from our services. You may prefer instead to use the Contact form here.

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We hope you’ll come back often and we encourage you to leave your questions and comments in the appropriate locations on each article.

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