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      Image is critical to the value of your property. Seasonal enhancements are always necessary to maintain beauty and performance of your property. Whether you want to accent a special feature, accent entrances or special features, pool areas, or hide or fix unsightly problems; colorscaping can be your answer. Season Color As with any other part of yur landscape, planning is the key. Our designers plan color arrangements taking into consideration your entire landscape and the environment of areas that you are showcasing. Colors and fragrances abound and options are many to make your flower beds glow all summer long. Fall options are more limited but your color beds can remain beautiful all winter with the many species of pansy's available in our area. With our worry-free colorscaping option you never need be concerned with your seasonal enhancements ever again. We can make it subtle or dazzling, whatever your preference. Lawn Core Aeration Aside from dethatching, your lawn needs relief from soil compaction. Core aeration perforates the soil allowing air, water, and nutrients to be absorbed into the soil. Hence, it will make it easier for those essential properties to be absorbed by the plant and keep your lawn looking lush and healthy much longer. Overseeding Overseeding Fescue lawns helps combat issues with crab grass and clover leaf. Fescue is an annual. It does not reproduce as does Bermudas and Zoysias. Overseeding maintains a full healthy lawn. We usually suggest early Spring or late Fall treatments. With cooler temperatures and some additional watering, you will be able to see the new grass blades in a matter of a couple of weeks. Mulching Mulching is important to your landscape as mulch retains moisture, keeps roots warm in the winter and helps protect your plants from weeds, insects and diseases. We use available pine straw or any of the various hardwood mulches available in our area. Seasonal mulching is another service offered by Precision Lawn Care. Contact us today for a free quote.

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