Proper Landscape Installation

Most home owners landscape their property in fits and starts. They see a plant they like at their garden center, take it home and plant it somewhere on their property. Their neighbor suggest a plant so they instantly purchase that plant and do the same. Done over and over and the property looks like a pizza.

Ideally you should develop a plan and work that plan. Our professional landscape designers can help you do just that! The idea is to follow general landscape principles of hieght, shape, color and depth. And a landscape plan can be installed all at once or in stages.

Some home owners hire a contractor to install those items they cannot do on their own. Whether the plan in implemented in its entirety or installed over time, when finished it will complement and ad value to the property rather than looking like a patchwork quilt.

While sod can be installed any time of the year, spring and summer are the best times to plant seed. Cooler weather alows time for the grass to take root. We can help you choose a grass that suits your yard’s conditions, whether sun, shade, or a combo. Be prepared to water, water, water when it’s installed.

Trees and shrubs
All plants should be selected based on location. Some trees and shrubs grow in cooler shadier areas. Some require full sun. The landscape should be arranged with larger plants in the back of an area and proceed to smaller plants in the front.

Annuals and Perrenials
These plants add color and accent to your garden. They take tender loving care. Many are shade tolerant and many are sun tolerant. Knowing which is which and adding the right heights and colors can highlight perticalar areas of the landscape.

All of this is great but knowing how to plant is as important as knowing what to plant. Our professional landscape crews know how to do it right. Click on the contact page or give us a call now to get a free consultation.

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