Lawn and Tree Shrub Care Programs

Lawn Care

Our cutting edge lawn care program is developed by horticulturists in our region, and designed specifically for each yard.? Each and every application is precisely timed, throughout the year, for optimal result. Each grass type must be considered:

Cool Season Grasses (Fescues)

These are turf types that stay green all year round. Cool season turf must be given a healthy start by fertilizing with a specially formulated lawn fertilizer for fescue or bluegrass in the spring.? This helps them to start the season strong enough to compete with weeds. A full, healthy turf will be its own weed control agent.

The hot summer months of July and August are the hardest on cool season grasses. Warm wet grass is prone to fungi and a variety of weeds. A properly maintained lawn care program will consist of a proper mixture of post-emergent (for existing weeds) and pre-emergent herbicides (kills the seedlings as they sprout).

In the fall, cool season turf needs another boost of fertilizer to help it winter well and be ready to bounce back in the spring.

Warm Season Lawns (Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, Zoysia)

These type of turf are green in warm months but go dormant in the winter. These grasses also require special care. Winter and early spring months require applications of a pre-emergent weed killer to knock out grassy weeds before they come up.? Spring feeding helps them start the season strong enough to compete with weeds. A fall formula, especially designed to feed warm-season grasses, will help prepare them for winter and help the grass turn greener sooner next spring.


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Most home owners are unaware that there are winter and summer weeds. While we use a pre-emergent weed killer to knock out weeds before they come up, we use a post-emergent to kill existing weeds. Thing is, not all pre-emergents or post-emergents to kill all weeds. Different formulas kill different weeds at different times. This is the precise reason you need Precision Lawn Care professionals.

Tree/Shrub Care

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Your landscape represents a substantial investment and it is our goal to not only protect that investment, but maximize your enjoyment of that investment. That?s the reason we use the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to determine the best program to offer a tree and shrub service designed to give your landscape the nutrients, protection and conditions it needs not only to survive but thrive.

We begin with an application of a slow release fertilizer, then an application of a dormant oil spray to control overwintering eggs and other insects and move to an early spring application of a slow release systemic insecticide controlling a broad range of pests.

In early summer we apply fungicides and iron as necessary to help your plants green up and produce beautiful foliage and flowers and a second slow release fertilizer to help feed your plants when they need it most!

A fall treatment will clean up any pests still present.

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