Cool Season Turf

Our cool season turf program is designed to address the special needs of Atlanta’s cool season turf. Each treatment is tailored to the conditions of your lawn.

In early spring we will use of a blend of fertilizers to promote root development. We apply herbicides to prevent those ugly spring weeds.

The next spring application contains a second treatment of herbicide to prevent crabgrass and fertilizers make the turf stronger. Post-emergent herbicides are used on existing weeds

In late spring we start preparing your turf for summer. Our fertilizer for this round contains iron to give you superior color and balanced fertilizers to maintain optimum appearance.

It is best not to fertilize fescue during the hot summer months. Our treatment during this time is geared towards building healthy soil. Dolomitic limestone is used to adjust the soil ph, which aids the turf in nutrient uptake.

It is important to feed the turf properly in the fall to prepare for the colder winter months so we apply a booster application of fertilizers later in the fall to aid in overwintering of your turf.

From the Early Spring visit to stop those weeds from growing to the cool season turf Winterizing treatment in the fall for root development, we only use professional grade products to produce superior results.

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