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Precision Lawn Care September 2104

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Now is the best time to winterize your warm season lawn and get it ready for next spring. Aeration, weed and thatch control, fertilization, establishment of new lawns, and renovation of poor quality lawns should be done over the next few weeks.

As your grass grows it develops a layer of debris including grass stems, roots, and clippings on the ground which either slowly decomposes and/or accumulates over time. We call this layer thatch! Thatch is most common in warm weather and creeping grasses such as Bermudas and Zoysia grasses. Some thatch is good, as it can shade the root system of your turf preventing heat damage on our hot summer days. But too much thatch can turn a healthy lawn into hay!

On occasion a de-thatching is necessary to maintain a health lawn. If you have a small patch of lawn and don't mind a little exercise, you can use a covex rake. As you pull it through the grass, it lifts up and moves the thatch. Larger lawns and heavy thatch may require a power rake, which can be rented at some hardware stores and lawnmower centers. It combs your grass and kicks out a large amount of debris, which you'll have to rake off afterwards.

Aeration will invigorate you lawn by providing more oxygen to the roots. Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Aerating can loosen the compacted soil, and keeps thatch to a health level.

Aeration and de-thatching are both services offered by Precision Lawn Care. Call our office for more information.

Overseeding fescue lawns helps combat issues with crab grass and clover leaf. Fescue is an annual. It does not reproduce as does Bermudas and Zoysias. A full healthy lawn is it's own defense against weeds. Make sure you watch what type of seed your are purchasing. Some people prefer thick-leaved grass and others like the thin blade grass. It really comes down to your preference. With cooler fall temperatures and some additional watering, you will be able to see the new grass blades in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Establishing new lawns and renovation of poor lawns needs to be done this time of year. Precision can install a new lawn from seed (fescues) or sod (warm season grasses). Call us if you need to reestablish your lawn.

Finish off by giving tired lawns a feeding. Most people do not know that warm season grasses grow during the winter. They just grow down instead of up! Autumn lawn fertilizers are high in phosphates and potash. This will helps develop strong roots systems which will produce healthy leaves next spring.

Precision will soon begin our seasonal color rotation. If you are not already in our schedule make sure to call us so that we can keep you landscape looking sharp.


I think every outdoorsman likes to think he could survive in some extreme conditions or circumstances when others could not. I often give thought to different scenarios when I’m outdoors. I think about what I would do or what supplies I would like to have if I were suddenly stranded.

My first thought is a fully equipped camper with satellite TV and the NFL Sunday Ticket along with some gourmet coffee and my wife there to enjoy it all with me. But I guess that’s more of a dream vacation than a survival situation.

In reality I do try to have a small kit of supplies if something were to happen. But even more so, whenever I am in the woods or on the water, I try to assess my surroundings to determine what would be the most important things to have if something happened right here and right now. After doing this a few times and in a few settings, there are certain items that seem to always come to the forefront.

The first one is matches and/or a fire-starting tool. The benefits of a fire are not only physical but also psychological. I’m not sure as to why there are so much healing properties in a fire, but it truly does soothe the mind and body in several ways.

Another crucial item to me would be something that would keep me dry. As much as fire soothes the soul, water soaks the spirit. So to have a rain suit or poncho would also add something to my overall well-being. And then lastly, I would like to have a gun. Since there would probably be no Kroger or local police near, the gun would help provide me with both provision and protection.

As you can tell, the best survival items have as much to do with one’s emotional well-being as with one’s physical. Especially as we get older, we understand the value of both, and perhaps how important it is to keep both as healthy as possible.

There is no doubt that God designed us in a very synchronous way. Each part of our lives weaves itself with another in order to cause us to perform the most efficient. That’s why the Apostle Paul asked us to present ourselves as a living sacrifice to God. It was not because he wanted us to relinquish who we are but instead so that we would actually understand who we are by going to the One who uniquely made us. To live apart from God causes us all to miss out on the most important part of our life – the part that brings our physical and emotional together and gives them real purpose and meaning.


Gary Miller

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