October 2011 News Letter

The Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

One of the neighborhood bullies used to tell the rest of us kids to, "Hey, Go play in the street!" Have you played in the street lately? Even this time of year, driving around on Atlanta's blacktops helps us to appreciate the cooling properties of our lawns. Have you noticed the drop in temperature when you turn into you neighborhood? Don't think for a moment that this is an accident. The lawns of just 8 average houses have the same cooling effect as about 70 tons of air conditioning. Trees, shrubs and lawn areas around homes can reduce air temperatures from 7° to 14° F. One estimate suggests that planting lawns and other landscape vegetation could reduce total U.S. air conditioning energy requirements by 25 percent.grass

Another benefit of a healthy lawn is water absorption. As our society grows, so does the amount of paved and other impervious surfaces. Large amounts of poor quality storm runoff are channeled into storm drains which dump directly into our streams, rivers and lakes. A healthy dense lawn prevents all but the most intense rainfall from running off into our drinking water supply. Dense grass shoots, stems and leaves of an actively growing, healthy lawn slows down runoff reducing erosion and traps and removes pollutants from water moving down through the soil. This filtering effect actually improves water quality as it moves through the turfgrass root zone.

While your lawn is busy cooling your neighborhood and filtering your drinking water, it is also quietly absorbing cardon dioxide from the air and replacing it with fresh healthy oxygen! A healthy turf area just 50-feet by 50-feet absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.

Strict conservationists berate the lowly lawn as an expensive consumer of natural resources. Your lawn is actually a natural provider for our ecosystem. Healthy, dense lawns absorb rainfall, prevents runoff and erosion of our precious top soil, keeps chemicals from entering our streams and rivers, absorbs co2, releases O2 and traps much of the estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released into the US atmosphere annually. Your lawn provides cooler summer places for your children to play. In combination with other landscape plants your lawn contributes to reductions in noise levels. Your landscape creates feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness or happiness.

You see our trucks every week. If you sometimes wonder why, remember this. While our guys are properly mowing, trimming and feeding your lawn it is repaying you in ways that money can't buy.

October: An Odd Name for the Tenth Month

October is the tenth month of the year, but "Octo" in Latin means eight. Ever wonder why the tenth month is named "the eighth month?" That is because on the ancient Roman calendar, before 46 BC, October was the eighth month, but when the "new" Julian and Gregorian calendars were created the months of July, named after Julius Ceasar, and August, named after Augustus Ceasar, were simply inserted into time, and the eighth month slid over to the tenth position. So there you have it… some things never octoberchange… like the name of the month of October.

The most important Jewish holiday of the year, Yom Kippur, falls on October eighth in 2011. Even Jews who do not actually observe any other Jewish customs will refrain from working on this day. They also fast for 25 hours and attend synagogue services on that day. This is the Jewish "Day of Atonement" which is a day that is set aside for the afflicted soul to atone for the sins of the past year. They believe that Yom Kippur is the day that judgments are entered and sealed into "the book" making this the last chance they have to wipe their slate clean for the year. This change of the judgment into forgiveness comes about by means of repentance and making amends for your own sins.

October tenth is Columbus Day in 2011, which is set aside in honor of Christopher Columbus and his landing in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Most businesses remain open but the banks and the post office, plus some other government offices and schools may close for the day. Christopher Columbus was the famous radical explorer who believed that the world was round and that if he sailed west, he would end up in The East. Of course, the "east" he first sighted was the eastern coast of the Bahamas and not India as he expected. This is also why our continent is called "The New World." It was there all the time, but the European explorers only discovered it rather recently on the time line.

The "Big Mama-jama" of October is Halloween, a foolish but fun holiday on the thirty-first day, which is meant for dressing up in disguises, eating chocolates, popcorn balls, and candy apples, along with telling scary stories about dead things and pulling pranks on friends. The stores start displaying jack-o'-lanterns and black cats in the middle of September and the shelves fill up with candy in large bags for giving away to children who come to "trick or treat" at your door.

The custom of "trick or treating" is slowly disappearing because of mass hysteria about needles, razor blades and poison be given to innocent children by warped and evil strangers. While there is evidence that such things did take place, they were few and far between, and no serious injuries were ever actually reported. Many parents feared that such heinous acts were rampant due to media hysteria and began to direct their children to only knock on the doors of trusted friends and family - or simply to not participate at all. Of the few known candy poisonings that have been recorded these were ultimately attributed to the children's own parents. So very sad.

Many people don't bother themselves with the original purpose of Halloween, they use this day to dress up in costumes and join in the fracas and have a good time. There are many different attitudes about Halloween held in Christian circles. Some may have a "Harvest" festival at their neighborhood church meant for the children to still get their fill of free candy but they don't dress up as evil mummies or skeletons. Instead, they emulate good and trustworthy characters from the Bible, such as Moses, John the Baptist, or a shepherd boy or girl. Sometimes the children dress up as characters known to go about doing good to others such as Firemen, Policemen, and Nurses. Sometimes they don't dress up at all, but simply play games and win treats in a safe and family friendly atmosphere.

Certain Celtic Neo Pagans consider Halloween to be a holy time of year. Celtic Reconstructionists and some other New Age believers attempt to mimic what they consider to be ancient ancestral customs, making offerings to their idols and their ancestors. There are many points of view concerning Halloween and each person must choose to do what they believe is correct for themselves and their own children. Thank God, we are free to make that choice in the good old USA.

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