Precision Lawn Care, Inc. November 2013

November Landscape tips

Thanksgiving Here come the holidays. Our attention will be turning away from our landscapes over the next few months but there are still a few things you can do this month to get your landscape ready for colder weather and prepare it for a health Spring flush.

Keep the leaves up! Leaves laying on the grass can kill the lawn and leave bare spots for you in the spring. If you are mowing every week you can keep them mulched. This works unless you have lots of leaves. Too much mulch increases the acidity of your soil requireing you to apply more lime than may be healthy for your lawn.

Fall BulbsFall bulbs can still be planted. Bulbs will still come up by Spring and provide your Lawn & Landscape a splash of color. You can cut back the tops on any perennial plants that have gone dormant. If the tops are still green, wait until they turn yellow or brown before cutting. There is still energy being transferred to the root system from the top growth. You can continue to transplant perennials throughout the fall and winter. Leave ornamental grasses to provide winter interest until spring.

Winter AnnualsWinter annuals such as pansies, violas, Dianthus chinensis, red mustard, snapdragons, ornamental cabbage and kale can still be planted - the earlier in the month, the better. Be sure to mulch flower beds with 2 to 3 inches to keep soil temperature stable and prevent winter plant injury. As the mulch decomposes, it will enrich your garden soil as well.

November is an ideal time to plant or transplant trees, shrubs and fruit crops. Be sure to water thoroughly, then mulch newly planted plants with a good 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch. Newly planted evergreens should be checked regularly during the winter to ensure they are getting enough water.

While we are seeing some mild tempretures, you may still be have time to complete a seeded fescue lawn. Annual rye will still germinate over the next few weeks. So, if you have some bare spots it may be best to use a mix of fescue and rye to stableize that area until spring.

This is a good time for pre-emergent herbicide applications targeting winter weeds. Pre-emergence herbicides prevent germination of the weed seeds. The timing of applications of pre-emergent herbicide must coincide with the various germination times of the types of weeds you need to control. Make sure you read and follow application instructions on any herbicides you purchase from your local retail provider.

Another great idea for winter is to start planning out what kind of landscaping you’re interested in for the spring. There is no bad time to start discussing ideas with Precision and getting a head start on your spring/summer landscaping!

Have fun in the Lawn and Landscape and enjoy the downtime for Winter!

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Make Tax Time Easier

There are certain things in life that we just don't like to think about, aren't there? We try to suppress thoughts about things that we find unpleasant, but questions about these issues tend to haunt us by popping up into our minds anyway. They range from "When am I finally going to clean out the closet that probably contains everything I've lost for the past five years?" to "Isn't it time to get my financial stuff together now so I don't lose hair and develop a stomach ulcer and nervous twitch like I did last tax season?" Oh! The horror! The memories!

To some people - like those who have one job, no business, no dependents, no write-offs, no assets, no liabilities, no buying or selling or interest-bearing anything - tax time is a breeze.The 1040EZ rocks! On the other hand, life's a little more complicated for many others, so here are four tips that might help you this year:

Receipts1.) Start sorting and organizing your paperwork and receipts now. Yes, it's November, and people are thinking about seeing their family and eating turkey and pumpkin pie, but guess what? You know that you can block out an hour or two this week to see what you have to work with. Here's your incentive: you'll save money when you don't have to pay your CPA or tax preparer to extract actually figures and numbers from the shoe box or overstuffed manila envelope that you usually hand to him or her. They have to charge you an extra fee to make sense of it all, but you can save that money by gathering the appropriate statements or documents that you've received so far this year, and just adding November and December's statements to the files that you've already created.

2.) Budget for a payment that might be owed. One of the main reasons why people get behind in their personal income tax and business taxes is because they are not prepared to pay the amount that is due. Perhaps any interest and penalties that come with a delayed payment could be avoided with a little shrewd planning to put some money aside for the tax bill over the next few months.

Tax Software3.) Start using your tax software now. If you organize your receipts according to the same categories used in your software, the totals will add up automatically at year end and you'll avoid confusion as to which line item to fill out on your tax forms. Writing the business purpose on the receipt itself will help document the expense for good record-keeping to help in case of an audit.

Donations4.) Decide now what tax-deductible donations you will make. Take the time to find out exactly how, where, and when to donate items to a qualifying non-profit agency as well as details on obtaining a receipt. Organized, planned and thoughtful giving has a list of benefits that goes on and on.

You know the famous quote about how success happens when opportunity and preparation meet, right? Well, when the opportunity to file your taxes meets the preparation that you're starting now, we hope that you'll enjoy some success.