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Happy Easter - March 2016 PLC Newsletter - Coupon Attached

Easter and Passover Ė why are they not always at the same time?

Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ, which is said to have occurred three days after a seder meal (The Last Supper). The Jewish people celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses. Since the seder meal takes place on the first day of Passover week why do they not always coincide.
The quick answer is the date of celebration of Easter is based on the solar calendar. Passover, on the other hand, is determined by the Jewish lunar calendar. Lunar and solar calendars donít match. The date for Easter has been set as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Passover begins on the first full moon of Nisan, the first month of the Jewish lunar-based calendar.
It seems there has been some conflict in calendars since long before the resurrection. In 45 B.C., Julius Caesar tried to tackle this problem with the creation of the Julian calendar. Among other changes to time-keeping norms, he added a day at the end of February every four years, thus creating leap year. Again in 325, Emperor Constantine convened the Nicean Council in part to settle the dispute.
Even with Caesars leap year it was possible for Easter to actually come before Passover. Pope Gregory XIII, in the 16th Century, helped with the problem by adding an additional leap year rule which makes the average calendar year 365.2425. So now, Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25. However, because of differences in the solar or calendar year and the lunar year on which the Jewish calendar is based, Easter still occasionally falls almost a month before Passover as it does this year. Easter will be March 27, and the first day of Passover will be April 21.
When it comes to figuring out when Easter is, itís obviously not easy. Unless, that is, one is content to simply look on the calendar.

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 Save on Installation of Seasonal Color

Regardless of our religious persuasion each of us can be happy to celebrate the season. It is a time of refreshment, especially here in the Southeast. The days get longer, warmer and hopefully drier! Flowers begin to bloom, grass begins to green up. Trees begin to break forth in fresh new foliage; all signaling the end of cold dead winter months and the beginning of new life.  We all start to look forward to spending more time out of doors in our lawns and gardens. This is where Precision Lawn care comes in! We treat your property like it is ours. You want it to look good, we want it to look great!
Speaking of which, your cool weather pansies have done great all winter but they will be melting like ice cream as the weather warms up. Save some money on your new color beds. Call us to redeem the attached coupon and get on our calendar for your summer color rotation.
We are currently performing what is called rejuvenal pruning, a selective pruning and thinning out of selected plants to obtain healthier growing foliage. For our Tree and Shrub Care clients we have begun a systemic insecticide treatment program designed to keep all those pesky insects off your plants.
We are also scalping bermuda lawns. This removes all the dead grass that has kept the roots insulated all winter, and enable the sun to warm the ground more quickly and give your bermuda a jump start on greening up. And we have started our second round of pre-emergent herbicides. Weeds love the warm spring days, too! We want to make sure they donít have a chance to get started.
Donít forget to get on the rotation for spring lawn aeration. This process gives a definite boost to the health of your lawn. Itís also time to plan on pine straw and hardwood mulch refreshing. A 3Ē to 4Ē covering of mulch helps keep weeds at bay and retains moisture in the long dry summer months ahead.
As you get ready for the Spring and Summer months ahead, we want to wish you again Happy Easter!

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