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PLC, Inc. June 2015 Newsletter

Summertime ,Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime ... goes on old song! Well, it's here!

June is primarily about maintenance. Rain slows and the days get hotter. Grass grows, plants begin to bloom and trees and shrubs leaf out. Insects and diseases may rare their ugly heads.

Water deeply. Watering too little and roots begin to form just under the surface. In periods of drought they stress out quickly. Deep watering will allow roots to grow downward into the soil where they will be more likely to eventually find water on their own. Perennial, shrubs and trees need about one gallon per foot of height. Grasses need about an inch of water per week. An easy way to measure is with a plane pie pan. Place it in the lawn where the sprinklers can hit it. When you have an in of water in the pan you're done.

SoakerSoaker hoses can save you money save plants from threat of disease. Water soaking directly into the ground to the roots of plants keeps water off areas that don’t need it.

And water in the morning. Night watering encourages fungi and other diseases as the water stays on plants overnight. Morning watering allows the water to soak into the soil but enables water on plants to evaporate during the day.


And, it's still early enough to prune. Azaleas, hydrangeas, and spireas will be setting up for the next blooming season, so make sure to prune just after they bloom. Otherwise you will be pruning buds they need for spring. Prune hydrangeas after the blooms have faded. Prune roses after they bloom leaving about half dozen stalks to bloom next spring.

Now is also the time to start looking for insects and diseases. The iris borer leaves tell-tale notches on the leaf edges of bearded iris. Shothole disease causes thousands of holes in the leaves of laurel shrubs. Increase air circulation across them and consider spraying with a bactericide. Aphids weaken roses and delays growth. They can easily be controlled with a blast of water. Whiteflies cause black leaves on a gardenia. Insecticidal soap or garden insecticide will help stop them.

Of course if you are on our lawn maintenance and tree and shrub program we will have taken care of your landscape needs for you. If not, call us now for a free estimate.


Now is also the time to plant trees, shrubs, annuals and perenials. Contact our office to get a landscape plan or and estimate on tidying up your landscape..

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bassI've taken some time out of the last few days to fish the river. This is my sport of choice during this time of year. The weather has been perfect and the fish have been cooperating as well. One morning I felt like Mike Iaconelli who is one of the pros from the Bass Elite Series. Mike is known for his loud screams when he catches a big fish or a fish that gets him in contention to win. He really lets his emotions be seen and heard. I felt the same way the other day as I was landing several good fish. The difference in Mike and me is that he is fishing from a fifty thousand dollar bass boat, and I am in my twelve foot, river jon boat. But the thrill is the same. It doesn't come from what's above the water but from what's below it. It's that unexpected bite that becomes that unexpected fish which gives you that unexpected battle. When it culminates with fish-in-hand, there is nothing else to do but give a big, bold, unashamed scream or high-five, or anything that celebrates the victory.


For some reason many of us are hesitant to openly celebrate. Men are especially reserve when it come to this. Sometimes we think it's unbecoming to an adult. Other times we fear celebrating now because of what may lie ahead. It's the old thought that we shouldn't get too excited about something until the outcome is certain. And we surely can't enjoy the good times because something bad is just around the corner. Now I know I'm speaking (writing) to some of you who fall right into this trap. Some of you catch a five pound bass and shrug it off as if it is commonplace for you. Other times you won't allow yourself to celebrate because you know there is still a "long way to go." Let me tell you, you are missing out on some great moments. In life there are too many tough times. We deal with some trouble, problems, or heartaches, every day. Some are minimal; others are life-changing. We have no idea what tomorrow holds. We may be awakened by an unexpected phone call informing us about an unexpected tragedy. We may be met at work with an unexpected pink slip. We may be notified by our doctor about an unexpected illness. We just never know. There is one thing I do know however; I know I can celebrate each and every good moment and good day with a bold and unashamed zest. No one can keep me from celebrating with everything I have. And for me, I will choose to milk every present moment of all its praise whether that moment is something as small as landing a bass from the river or something as big as winning the BassMasters Classic. I hope you will too

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