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Mid-Summer Landscape Tips

SummerIf you have followed the suggestions in this year's newsletters, you have started summer on the right foot. You can relax a little more over the summer to enjoy your landscape and barbecues with family and friends. But with summer in full swing and hotter temperatures on the way, there are a few important landscape maintenance tasks that you will want to keep up with.


waterThe main thing you need to do this time of year is manage watering your landscape. Monitor soil moisture (using a moisture meter if necessary). Provide supplemental watering and/or increase watering times on your drip irrigation system during hot, dry periods. Add additional mulch around the base of plants if mulch has thinned out. This keeps the roots cool and helps preserve soil moisture.

Some perennials are done flowering. These can be dead-headed to promote another round of flowers! Cut back fading spring perennials such as bleeding heart. Pop in a new perennial or annual to mask the hole left by the spring bloomer. Remove or trim back discolored foliage, allowing the flowers to remain the center of attention.

Weeding is important during the summer months. You can easily pull small weeds now. But if they are let go they will grow fast in the warm temperatures. Your job just became much more difficult. It can be easy and even enjoyable if you grab a glass of wine in one hand, and stroll through your garden pulling the small weeds before they get out of hand.

bugsCombat those pesky mosquitoes by going around the yard and empty any standing water...even from the tiniest nooks and crannies. Mosquitoes can procreate in a small amount of standing water in only 24-48 hours. In areas such as birdbaths, use lemon slices or natural mosquito rings to control mosquitoes without harming other wildlife.

Now is a good time to give roses a heavy feeding of Rose-tone (1 1/2 cups per bush) to get organics back into the soil. If they look weak use a fourth of a cup of Epsom salt around each bush. If you have yellowing leaves but the veins remain green give them a dose of Ironite- one fourth of a cup per bush.

Roses need 1 inch of rain per week and we are not getting it where I live! Watering weekly one time and deeply is far better for healthy root growth than little drinks of water each day.

Spring and fall are the most critical seasons for landscape maintenance. Summer is a time to relax and enjoy your landscape while trying to keep cool. If you spend a few evenings or cool mornings following some of these summer landscape tips, you will achieve peace of mind and your landscaping will be in great shape.

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Time for Family Reunions

family reunionIn generations past, family and friends lived their entire lives in the same neighborhood and successive generations simply took over where their parents left off. It's amazing how all of that changed in a matter of decades. Families are now widely dispersed and this has led to the growing popularity of family reunions. People still want to stay in touch with the cousins, aunts, uncles and siblings on the family tree, if just to see how the newest saplings are progressing.

Here are a few tips if you are planning a family reunion:

Create an effective family reunion committee. Keep in mind that if the committee isn't organized, the reunion will flop!

Choose the length of the event and location. It can be as simple as a one day party held at Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe's house or as elaborate as a weeklong Alaskan cruise.

Buy a guest book (kind of like the ones at wedding receptions) for attendees to sign when they arrive and provide nametags or use your computer to print out nametags for all the attendees.

speakerWhether your reunion is large or small, it's nice to have a "Welcoming address" to kick the thing off. It doesn't have to be long... 5 - 10 minutes unless you have a really good speaker in the family.

One way to really create family ties at a reunion is to create certificates to be passed out to family members. Use your imagination and try to think up as many categories as possible, so that you can recognize the largest amount of family members that you can. Possible recognition categories include these basics:

  • The oldest and youngest family members
  • Who traveled the least and greatest distances to attend
  • Who has attended the most consecutive reunions
  • Youngest grandparents
  • Couple with the most children or grandchildren

family treeOne of the most popular items at many family reunions are the large family charts which show all the family members and how they are related. They start with the ancestor and show all the cousins, aunts, and uncles and other relatives attending the reunion, and lets you see how everyone is hooked together.

Scrapbooking is hot. After your family reunion is over, have the creative person in the family put together a scrapbook of the reunion. Or do the scrapbook thing on a Family Reunion Website.

Most importantly establish a tradition. Keep in touch with the relatives with whom you reconnect at the reunion. And be ready to plan a next reunion. Do not let it stop here.

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