July 2011 News Letter Redeux

Many of our clients were unable to read the newsletter we sent out yesterday. We apologize for the glitch in that first try. Those who didn't have a problem we hope you will bear with us in this Redue. We hope you will all be able to read this copy. Have a happy and safe Independence Day Holiday.

Recycling Grass

clippingsWe've worked hard all year to get you that beautiful, lush, green lawn. We've pampered, fertilized, fed and watered your lawn all spring. Now summer is upon us and you are enjoying walking around barefoot on that cool green carpet. But then we come in every week and cut your grass and leave those nasty clippings every time! Every year about this time we are asked the same question, "Is mulching grass clippings beneficial or harmful to my lawn?"

Allowing the grass clippings to drop onto the lawn instead of bagging the grass is a benefit to your lawn. Your lawn is a garden of grass plants, not a rug! It needs nutrients to grow. Leaving the grass clippings on the lawn puts valuable nutrients back into the soil. In fact, one hundred pounds of dry grass clippings hold as much Nitrogen as a 50-pound bag of 6-6-6. Other essential elements are also added to the soil such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese and Iron.

Leaving the grass clippings on the lawn also helps shade the soil, keeping the roots cooler and reducing moisture loss. The healthier your grass becomes, the less water it needs because its roots absorb it more efficiently. According to the Environmental Protect Agency, since grass clippings are made up of 90 percent water, they break down quickly and do not contribute to thatch build-up. And, the tiny microbes that eat your thatch also eat the sugars contained in your clippings.

So keeping grass clippings on the lawn can actually offer many benefits. Less fertilizer is needed to keep your grass fed. Less water is needed to help it grow. Less thatch is created which makes for a healthier lawn. And less space is needed in landfills. A one acre lawn can produce up to 3 tons of clippings in a season. Your lawn will still be healthy and green because each time you mow you will be returning valuable nutrients to the soil!

Is there a Fourth of July in England?flag

You know there is! We have begun to think of "The Fourth of July" as the name of our most patriotic American holiday but its real name is "Independence Day." From the very beginning we Americans have celebrated our independence from Great Britain on July the fourth which is the date that appears on our "Declaration of Independence," but the resolution was actually approved in Congress two days before, on the second day of July in 1776.

Thousands of our fore fathers lost their lives fighting in the American Revolution and we gained our independence because of the part that all of the soldiers and statesmen played in that long event. The military has always been a major contributing part of our country and we should remember them, and all the soldiers who have served since then, on every occasion that we can. Fly the flag to remember our military men and women who serve to preserve our independence in the same capacity today.

Since its founding in 1970 by the Atlanta Track Club, the Peachtree Road Race 10K has been held annually on the fourth in Atlanta, Georgia. It was not until 1976 when The Atlanta Journal-Constitution became the official sponsor that the popularity and coverage of the event grew to the proportions we see today. In the first race in 1970 there were 110 runners, but it has grown to 60,000 in 2011. For all that time, except for the year 2008 when the Vancouver Sun Run had 59,000 registrants, we were the world's largest 10K. You can check for route maps, guidelines and other information at AJC.com and also at Atlantatrackclub.org.

For those who are eager to find the best fireworks displays in and around Atlanta on the fourth, wsbtv.com and accessatlanta.com have pretty complete listings of what is planned for that day on their web sites. No matter where you live there is something special going on.

Many families plan a picnic with all the traditional hot dogs, hamburgers and sides to be held in their own backyard on The Fourth. There is nothing like the feel of green grass under bare feet to take you back to childhood and happy times. Don't forget to fly the flag with its familiar stars and stripes and get out the old song books and sing a few of the many songs that are associated with the holiday, too.

You can find the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner (in case you don't remember them) and other patriotic songs like "America", and "America the Beautiful" or "Battle Hymn of the Republic" plus many others at www.amandashome.com/patriotlyrics2.html and sing them around the camp fire or just around the living room. Pass the songs of celebration on to your kids and enjoy them yourself while you sing and remember why we celebrate Independence Day.