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Precision Lawn Care Newsletter - January 2016


Recently the question was asked, "Did you have a Happy New Year?" The answer, "Ask me again in a couple of months. I just got started!" Well, we at Precision hope you got off to a good start. We are here to help make sure your landscape investment gets off to a good start, also.

At the present time we are making sure your lawns stay in good shape. We are cutting those areas in cool season grasses that are not yet dormant. We shouldn't need to do that much longer but the warm winter kept lots of Bermudas and Zoysias green longer than usual. We are also performing annual pruning and cutting back of Crape Myrtles, Spirea, Roses, Liriope, selected perennials and other plants as necessary to make sure these plants get a good start in spring as well.

Another thing we want you to think about is Mulch installation. Mulch decreases the need for watering and naturally suppresses weeds, reducing the need for chemical herbicides. It will also protect delicate roots from freezing in the cold winter months ahead! Click here or give us a call to schedule your Mulch installation today!

Most people do not think about their trees and shrubs until something drastic happens like acts of God (fire, ice etc.) or acts of pestilence like fungus, diseases and insect manifestations. We can’t do much about the former but we can help with the latter! Precision's Tree & Shrub Care Program helps protect the investment you have in your landscape and enhances the beauty of your property. Our program is designed to keep your landscape as healthy and attractive as possible. We add to the value of your home with stronger, healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Each of our applications serves a very important and timely function. Our fertilization promotes growth, enhances color, and maintains the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs, making them more resistant to disease and insect infestation throughout the growing season and hardier during the winter. Our pest control applications discourage deadly diseases and insects. An application of a dormant oil spray will help control overwintering eggs and other insects. An application of a slow release systemic insecticide will help keep those pesky pests off your plantings later in the season. This type of application is taken up by the roots into twigs, stems, and foliage working from the inside of the plant out. It is not exposed to sunlight and rain as are regular sprays.

If you have not signed up for Precision's Tree & Shrub Care Program click here or give us a call today. We'll come out, review your property and give you a free quote. Now is the time to get started.

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Happy 2016

By Marcia McCance
This year, I did not make any big New Year’s resolutions. By Thanksgiving I had started a “no refined sugar, and no grains” program as my first step. I do occasionally have some grain, but not often. Where I used to have daily cravings I now have “once every other week” cravings which are much easier to handle. The one truly amazing side effect that has come from reducing the consumption of sugar and grain is that my body’s pain levels really went down.

Then I watched Ty Bollinger’s “The Truth About Cancer” documentary and began to incorporate more vegetables and fruit into my diet and finally bought a juicer, too. I did not make a big radical decision to go on a juice fast, this time. I just wanted to start including fresh vegetable and fruit juice into my life. Once a day, I make a juice cocktail for myself.

I gradually reduced my consumption of beef, chicken, and eggs, too, but did not eliminate them completely. I am eating at least one salad , or a few greens, per day as a meal. Then when I start getting the “heavy hungries,” I steam some frozen veggies like broccoli, and/or cauliflower, and/or squash along with about five small frozen meatballs. Unexpectedly, the steaming process, from frozen to cooked, is only about five minutes. I’m considering starting to leave out the meatballs, a processed food, but for now I’ve made big changes in all other areas, so I may keep them a little longer.

If I want a snack I have some mixed nuts, or some almonds, or walnuts. Sometimes I use some old fashioned peanut butter (nothing but peanuts and salt) to slather bite by bite on a couple of small apples. Or I might have a handful of frozen blue berries or black berries with cinnamon. The idea is to eat fewer and fewer refined and processed foods, and more and more food like God provided it: Fresh and natural and organic, if possible, which lends healing and prevention to the immune system. Processed foods tax the immune system and lend themselves to chronic disease like diabetes.

I also sent to Canada for some Essiac tea herbs and began to drink a small cup of that every day. It is not really a “tea” because you have to make a decoction from the herbs. I went to YouTube to learn how to make it and I follow their instructions. The purpose of the Essiac tea herbs is to help my immune system fight off and prevent cancer and also to clean out the lymph system. Once I made it the first time, it seemed really easy, so I just make a fresh jar every time my bottle starts to get low and store it in the fridge. It is actually quite tasty. (YouTube instructions on how to make the decoction from the herbs)

I am pleased that there seems to be a little weight loss going on, too, but I’m not focusing on the scale. Whenever I’ve done that in the past my life soon becomes “about the numbers on the scale” and it is really, really, frustrating when they don’t move the right way, in spite of my “doing everything right.” When that happens I begin to lose faith in what I’m doing and just quit. I’m not going to let that happen this time. I refuse to get caught up in those numbers. I’m focused on doing what I believe to be the “right things” for myself and my body. Today. The only time there is, is right now. So if I want to do something in my life, I need to do it now. Start today. There is no time like the present and the New Year is a good excuse. This seems to be a lot more relaxed, effective, progressive, and fun, than what I’ve done in the past. I hope you are relaxing into the clean slate of this New Year, too. Optimistic!!


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