Precision Lawn Care, Inc. February 2014

February Landscape Tips

General Beauregard Lee awoke sometime around 7:15 am.Groundhog Day, Sunday, February 2, to 50 degrees and a dense fog advisory. He did not see his shadow - foretelling an early spring for the Sunny South….. So - whats with all this snow?!

We never know what kind of weather we’ll get in February. It could be beautiful and sunny, soggy and wet or glistening in snow! No matter what Mother Nature delivers there are some landscaping items that really should be taken care of.

  • One of the most important things is to get all the leaves up. Either rake them, mow and vacuum them or blow them off. It doesn't matter how you get rid of them, just get them off the lawn. If leaves stay on the grass for a few weeks and get thick enough to totally block out the light, they will kill the grass. Mulching the leaves leads to another problem, loss of nitrogen from the soil. The leaves are a high carbon material which requires a lot of nitrogen to break them down and decompose, so along with the lime applications a dose of 15-15-15 will go a long way towards keeping the lawn looking good. 6 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. is the usual rate if you are putting down 1 pound of N -P - K per thousand sq. ft. of lawn area.
  • Freezes and thaws can push poorly rooted plants out of the ground, exposing roots to potentially fatal winter winds. During thaws, check perennials and shrubs that were planted within the last year to make sure the root balls aren’t “heaving” out of the ground. Tamp them back down if they are.
  • Scout the landscape for branches broken by snow, ice or wind. Prune them off cleanly, back to the next healthy joint or bud.
  • Prune your fruit trees and young shade trees – especially “bleeders” such as maple, birch and dogwood that will produce a lot of sap if you wait until later in spring. Apply dormant oil spray to the fruit trees after pruning – again, only on above-40-degree days. Learn more about pruning in the January 2014 Newsletter
  • Complete cutting back Liriope and Ornamental Grasses and roses as needed
  • Begin pruning Crape Myrtles and prune suckers from the base of ornamental trees, roses, and shrubs
  • Now is a great time to install balled and burlapped trees and shrubs and bare root material
  • Apply pre-emergent to turf and planting beds
  • Apply post-emergent to control weeds
  • Install new mulch in shrub beds
  • Tune up lawn mowers and have the blades sharpened before the rush

We hope you find this landscaping to-do list for February helpful. Find a few more February tips in the February 2011 Newsletter

If you have not signed up for Precision's Tree & Shrub Care or Lawn Care Program give us a call today. Our pest control applications discourage deadly diseases and insects – often before they occur. Regularly servicing your lawn enables us to apply preemergence herbicides at the right time to prevent seeds from germinating and use the right amount of selective postemergence herbicides at just the right time to control weeds without damaging grass plants.


February the "Love Month"

We're seeing more red, white, pink and….heart-shaped things. Chocolate. Roses, real and artificial. Paper versions of superheroes and cartoon characters are saying things completely uncharacteristic about friendship and….Valentine's Day! Of course. It's that special time of year when so many people are talking about love, from cute little kindergarteners sharing cards with each member of their class to silver haired retirees enjoying dinner with wine, candlelight and 100% adult conversation.

I wonder who's going to pop the question? Who's going to turn on the romance? Who's going to have comfy cozy fun? Maybe there are plenty of folks who view February 14th as just another day, and they don't feel any pressure to make special plans just for a certain date on the calendar. One day can be an interesting way to study people, can't it? It can matter so much or so little in one's life, depending on the person and at what stage they or someone close to them happens to find themselves at this particular point in time.

The origins of Valentine's Day are somewhat muddled because there were at least three Christian leaders named Valentine who, during three different time periods, either helped soldiers get married when emperors forbade them to or did other good deeds in the name of love against all odds and even lost their lives for it. Different countries and denominations of Christendom honored these martyrs on different days and in various ways, so there is no definitive, absolutely "correct" version of the story that our culture has stuck to. They're all noteworthy.

The lessons that seem to stick when people of all ages and walks of life are offering little gifts and expressions of love, appreciation, and affection, might be these: 1.) I'm glad that you're in my life; 2.) I like you/love you/want you at least a little bit; 3.) I want you to remember that I was thinking about you; and 4.) I hope this little token brings you some measure of joy or pleasure.

February has been generally dubbed "Love Month" by many, so whether you're soft or crusty, the Holiday Hero or Bah Humbug type, maybe you'll share a little love because the calendar and everyone who pays attention to it will give you permission to do so.