Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.
-Henry David Thoreau





The Survivor


The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him, and every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming.

Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the elements and to store his few possessions. But then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, the smoke rolling up to the sky.

The worst had happened; everything was lost. He was stunned with grief and anger. "God, how could you do this to me!" he cried. Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. "How did you know I was here?" asked the weary man of his rescuers. "We saw your smoke signal," they replied.

It is easy to get discouraged when things are going badly. But we shouldn't lose heart, because God is at work in our lives, even in the midst of pain and suffering. Remember, next time your little hut is burning to the ground--it just may be a smoke signal that summons The Grace of God.

Precision Lawn Care News Letter

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You probably have never thought about it but your grass gets hungry too! Just like you, your lawn needs to eat! In order to grow properly it needs to be fertilized on a regular basis. 

Your warm season lawns which have been dormant all winter are getting ready to wake up. They need to be fed so that they can wake up,green up and grow when the warmth of spring thaws them out. The cool season fescues have been using all the nutrients they can find to make it through the winter. Spring is coming and they need to be fed the right food now to protect them against drought and desease in the summer months.

Thing about feeding your lawns though is we feed the weeds. Left to their own devices they will steal nutrients away from and try to crowd out your beautiful lawns. They need to be stopped before they can do damage to your lawn. 

Soon you will see the Precision Lawn Care truck on your street. Our guys are there at the right times with the right foods for your Atlanta Lawns. They will also have the necessary applications to stop the summer weeds from taking over your lawn and the tools needed to kill any winter weeds which may have gotten by us last year.

If you are not on our lawn care program you may want to give us a call and let us get started right away. Get you hungry lawn in on a treatment plan designed just for Atlanta lawns. 

credit - Nikolay Pozdeev -

Making Valentine's Day Personal and Memorable

If you want to give a personal gift to your special someone this year, then don't go down the Valentine Aisle at the grocery store or the mall - except for maybe a card. Just because the marketers have emblazoned red hearts on a pair of boxers does not mean that this is a personal or even a wanted gift. If you want to give something that is both personal and wanted, you have to begin listening.

Pay attention to what your loved one talks about and you will hear clues to what they might really appreciate receiving on this special occasion. What could be more loving than actually paying attention, and then acting on what you discover? Does your husband dream of tickets to a particular sporting event? Does your wife fantasize about an evening at a Broadway play? If you can afford a trip to either one that would create a life event that will be remembered for a very long time, but you don't have to go long distances. Perhaps either one of these could be done in your home town and still create a lovely and memorable Valentine's evening event.

What about something that you have made? For some people, just knowing that you took the time to make something for them is a cherished moment. A gift for a husband could be a favorite meal or dessert that takes time and effort to make. Something that you know he loves, but you don't usually have time to make. That would be the hit of an evening for some men. Look through your recipes and see what you find. Without a word you will have told your husband that you care about his well being and want him to feel satisfied and pleased.

What about a vanity table with plenty of drawers for your wife? You don't have to make it, just search out one in an antique store and bring it home and refinish it to match your bedroom decor. Be careful that you do not refinish a true antique, though. If you have watched "Antiques Road Show" they often state that the value was stripped right out of a lovely work of cabinetry when the old finished was stripped away. If you have found something that has good bones and is not expensive and your handy work at refinishing it to match your bedroom would be the real finishing touch, then that might be just the memory to create. Think of it! Without saying a word, you have just told your wife that she is beautiful and feminine and that you cherish her and want her to have her own space to sit and do what women have done for centuries. Then every time your wife sits down on the matching chair you picked for her, she will think of you and your love for her. She will feel cherished every day.

If your loved one is a Christian you might want to consider whether he or she would feel blessed if they got a new Bible. One that is in the version they love to read, perhaps one that has larger type for easier reading, or a study Bible that they've been wanting. If you also get a matching Bible cover and take the time to purchase and place the book thumb tabs for him or her that would certainly be the loving touch that could not be found anywhere else. To the Christian in your life, the Bible is about the love relationship and is the best, most personal and precious gift you could give.

Create a Valentine's Day to remember by listening. Make your gift something truly special and the embers will glow for a long time in your loved one's heart. Happy Valentine's Day!