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Precision Lawn Care Newsletter - December 2015


Your home is probably your most valued possession. Many people spend a lot of time and money both inside and outside of their home to keep it that way! Your landscape is the part of your property that you, your neighbors and friends see first and it says a lot about you.

Anyone looking to purchase a home will usually stop first at a property that looks good and pass over one with a poor landscape. Even if you are not looking to sell soon, an established landscape only increases in value over time as trees and shrubs mature. This is all the more reason to establish and maintain your landscape.

Many things can affect your landscape such as vandalism, accidents, fire and violent acts of nature. Most of these are uncommon and unpredictable, but unfortunately we live in an imperfect world that is full of pest and diseases that can reduce a great looking landscape into a poor one. That's where we come in.

Many people think that Landscape maintenance only consist of a "mow, blow and trim!" That is not the case. While proper mowing of your lawn does help in alleviating many weed problems, your turf also needs proper feeding and conditioning. Our Lawn Care treatments are designed to enable you to have a luscious green lawn in summer months (for warm season grasses) and winter months (for cool season grasses). Some months require fertilization while other months require pre- or post-emergence herbicide treatments. Some months require both! Each and every application is precisely timed throughout the year for optimal results.

Many home owners pay little attention to their trees and shrubs until a problem develops. Sometimes it's too late. Our Tree and Shrub program is designed to maintain your valuable investment year 'round! In early spring we will apply a slow release insecticide. In early summer when various beetles and caterpillars start appearing - we are there! During the summer we apply a second slow release fertilizer to help feed your plants when they need it most! A third insect and disease treatment in the fall will clean up any pests still present. This also protects your plants from disease pressure due to the changing weather. And a late winter application consists of a dormant oil spray control overwintering eggs and other insects.

If you are not on our scheduled Lawn Care or Tree/Shrub treatment programs now is the time to consider giving us a call. During winter months many pests and diseases are dormant. They come to life in the spring. Starting the year off right will allow us to help you grow your investment.

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Christmas Memories of the Fifties

By Marcia McCance

I was born in 1949 so I experienced what I consider to be very traditional and wonderful childhood Christmases in the 1950's. We were not rich. My mom worked from the time I hit the fifth grade and my little brother started school. Nobody mentioned to us kids that this was going to happen so I found out when I came home for lunch and the house was empty. We actually walked home for lunch, and then back to school, in those days. Looking back I remember how truly empty the house seemed because Mom had always been there when we got home before, but this day, she was nowhere to be found. Since we had also been raised to be independent, once we searched and waited long enough to realize we were fully on our own, my older sister and I rustled together sandwiches and we ate them on the way back to school.

Life was different at our house after that. Since Mom was working, too, we began to have nicer things to wear to school and better food to eat at home. It turned out to be a rather nice adjustment on our part, because Christmas got better, too.

Mom and Dad had two very different approaches to Christmas. Dad was never urgent about it. He had not been raised in an environment where Christmas was any big deal. He used to tell us that one year he got an orange, and thought it was wonderful. But Mom had been raised with Victorian type Christmases. Her father had been born in England, so she had also been raised with steamed Christmas pudding on the menu. My Mom made one for us one year, but we thought it was the worst use of Christmas ingredients that had ever been invented, so that was the end of that.

Dad would often postpone the getting of the Christmas tree until we began to believe we were not going to get one that year! What a tragedy we thought that was, because if there was no tree, that meant, in our minds, that there would be no gifts, and no Christmas. We imagined ourselves huddled in a corner crying because all the other little children in the world were getting trees and lights and presents for Christmas. Then, miraculously, three days before Christmas, when the prices of the trees had been reduced for removal, Dad would suddenly announce we were going to get the tree. Oh happy day!! The three of us were in the Chevy before his breath had time to settle in the air.

When we got to the tree lot we all jumped out and roamed around picking out the best tree in the world. Dad would stand and talk with the man selling the trees until we dragged him to the one we wanted. He would haggle for the price and then it would be jammed in the trunk and we would head home. We would all be laughing and talking because now we knew we were going to have Christmas, too. That was the one and only thing that Dad was involved in. Everything else was done by Mom.

She would drag out the boxes of ornaments that had been in the family since my three older brothers, who were in the military at the time, had been little. It was so fun to unwrap each delicate thing and hang it on the tree. Mom and my older sister would untangle and put the big colored lights on the tree while my little brother and I watched and played with the ornaments. Dad would always say he missed the bubble lights and that his favorite song was Silver Bells. There were glow-in-the-dark angels, faded balls with glitter, tinsel stars, blown glass Santa and moon faces, plastic frosted icicles, and a few child-made things, like star-shaped red construction paper Santas with cotton balls for trim, that Mom saved from year to year. If anything was broken we were all sad for a moment, but our spirits could not be dampened as we put the strands of silver tinsel on the tree one by one.

Mom would position the little straw covered nativity building adorned with a blonde angel on top in the perfect spot under the tree. We would place the rubber figures of Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger, along with the sheep and the shepherds around it. It glowed from light within and the colored lights from the tree, and the nativity scene seemed so very beautiful to us. We knew the story of Jesus' birth and were happy to celebrate His wonderful birthday, because we were so blessed because of Him.

Merry Christmas From Precision Lawn Care

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