Precision Lawn Care, Inc. April 2014

April Landscaping Tips

April is the perfect time for a walk through of your landscape, inspecting plants for wildlife damage and taking care of any pruning, being selective on which plants are still to bloom this year. Perennials should be checked for any root upheaval from frost and stepped back in. It is also a great time to see what would be great additions to your planting beds or which areas need more attention.

We think, (April 15th excluded; is it a coincidence that ATL got hit with a frost on Tax Day)that we are out of the woods for frost. That means it's time to consider your seasonal color change. Call us now to get on the list!

As part of the spring startup process, dead or damaged grass patches should be reseeded in early March or April. The most important thing to do is to provide newly developing seeds with enough water for proper growth and development. Developing seeds, especially early in the season, need plenty of water.

If you have St. Augustine or Centipede, you may want to consider a new lawn. Every 10 years or so we have a long period of freezing in Atlanta. We had another one this winter. Now is the time to think about a new lawn if yours was bitten by the frost. There are over 9,000 species of grasses, so choosing the right one for your lawn may not be quite as simple as you think. We can help you find the right one, taking into consideration your lawn's specific needs.

Mulching, edging of the landscape beds, weeding and putting down a weed control granule to stop the germination of weeds in those beds can eliminate maybe 90% of your hand weed pulling. Your lawn should have already had an application of pre-emergent weed control and possibly post-emergent weed control for some dandelions, Henbit, wild onion, wild garlic and other winter weeds. Now it's time for another round. Depending on where you live, you may need another application of pre-emergent weed control to keep the Crabgrass out.

When temperatures are above 40° and will remain above freezing, apply dormant spray to ornamentals to control scale and other overwintering pests on problem plants from last season. A few more items:

  • Divide perennials & groundcovers as needed.
  • Finish heavy pruning of Shrub Roses.
  • Plant container or box Roses now.
  • Fertilize blooming bulbs.
  • As bulbs finish blooming, divide & transplant.
  • Great time to transplant trees & shrubs. Continue planting new trees & shrubs.
  • Keep in mind that it's best to plant when the soil is fairly dry. If you must plant when soil is wet, use dry peat moss as an amendment to absorb excess moisture.
  • Keep in mind when planting…great bed prep leads to great plants!
  • Service irrigation systems.
  • As days get warmer, start feeding pond fish.

Thinking about any hardscape plans (like decks, patios, fire pits, screen porches, etc.)? Contact us now so we can create a design for summer installation.

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What Month Is It?

Who knew that April was such a celebrated month? In addition to traditional religious holidays, there were 87 monthly observances for April listed on a web site that verifies the authenticity of every monthly, weekly, and daily "awareness" event observed in the United States. Eighty-seven!

An examination of this list seems to indicate that certain campaigns are specialized spin-offs from more general events. For example, April is National Pet Month as well as a month focusing on greyhound adoption, supporting the ASPCA, first aid for pets and heartworm awareness, and the prevention of animal cruelty. April is also Prevent Lyme in Dogs Month. Cats also contract Lyme disease, but they have to wait until it's their turn for special attention.

Some special months seem perfectly logical in their timing. April Fool's Day kicked off National Humor Month; Financial Literacy Month coincides with the deadline for filing federal - and most state - income taxes; Fresh Florida Tomato Month occurs at the beginning of the crop's harvest; and spring allergies that cause skin disorders to flare up present perfect timing for Rosacea Awareness Month.

Other observances highlight challenges that many people across the country deal with on a daily basis, so the month is not of particular significance. Wide-spread observances in April include Autism Awareness Month, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Diabetes Prevention Month, but they could take place any time of year.

Sponsors of lesser known events such as National Facial Protection Month, Soy Foods Month, and International Twit Award Month evidently involve specific industries or sectors of the population that we may not think about every day.

Thanks to official declarations and designations to which certain days are dedicated, a conscientious generation of people who love to stay informed will revolutionize small talk. At dinner parties, the social custom of asking someone what they do for a living can now be followed up with the question, "And what are the special observances or awareness months that pertain to your career? I'd love to add them to my calendar."

April 22 is Earth Day, but for those who are not passionate about "green" and sustainable communities and environmental concerns that are political hot buttons, this month is associated with many causes to which people have devoted their lives. If there is anything important to you on this planet, chances are high that you can find a month, week, or day that will call attention to it, and that you can contact the sponsor to participate in a variety of ways.

One way to help raise awareness might be to replace the name of the month when referring to a date with the name of the monthly observance. How do these sentences sound?

"I scheduled my colonoscopy on the 20thof Jazz Appreciation Month."

"Let's do lunch on the three squared day of Math Awareness Month."

"Are you free during the first weekend of Brussels Sprout and Cabbage Month for a birthday party?"

While we wait to see if this trend catches on, perhaps we can try something new, pass on helpful information, or make a change or two in our lives that might make a positive difference in the world around us.

Or you could just go fly a kite. It's National Kite Month, after all.

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