April 2011 News Letter

Seasonal color change

A properly designed landscape will provide a mixture of height, textures and colors with points of interest that are noticeable all year round. Annual flowers can provide landscaped areas with more seasonal variety and colorful accents than most other plants. Flowers add a touch of beauty and color to any garden or landscape. Seasonal flowers can be used to draw attention to many features within your garden or property. They can be used to accent a front entrance or create borders around shrubs. They can also be used to soften the look of a landscape design and bring a positive image to your property.

Containers are also a vital part of modern landscape design.  A truly beautiful container garden can be a valuable addition to small gardens, patios, decks, and entryways including water gardens, winter gardens or even your indoor garden

Precision Lawn Care makes a seasonal color change program available to all of our clients. We offer a color change in the spring after the cold weather has moved out and opened the door for the growing season, and another in the fall for a refreshing pop to brilliant color throughout the fall and winter months. Our seasonal flower service will deliver fresh and vibrant color to your property all year long giving your garden a different feel, providing you with a “new” garden with each season.

Over the next six to eight weeks Precision Lawn Care will be preparing to make seasonal color changes for our clients. We start with experience and knowledge and finish with the perfect arrangement of structure, movement and color for your garden. Click here if you would like to talk to us about your enhancing your seasonal color garden.

April in Georgia

April Fools Day and the pranks that follow seems to have originated in the 1500s when Pope Gregory XII exchanged the Julian calendar for the Gregorian calendar that we are now familiar with. The peasants in outlying areas were unaware of the change and some of them simply refused to make the change. The first day of the year in the Julian calendar occurred at about the same time as the month of April in the Gregorian. So when the peasants would come to town in spring and wish someone a “Happy New Year” someone else might pin a paper fish to his back as a prank to point out his lack of knowledge.

Another thing that the snooty city folks would do was to invite the outlanders to come to town to celebrate at non-existent new year’s parties and then make fun of the “fish.” They were called fish because young fish are not smart enough to avoid the hook and are often caught – or so the story goes.

The fourth month of the year may be rainy but the optimist always starts thinking of the flowers of May – most likely from the snippet of poetry learned in childhood that says “April showers bring May flowers.” Here in Georgia the trees are already budding and blooming their bowers of flowers. In fact that started happening in March.

A man named Thomas Tusser is the author of “A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry” in which he was the first to mention April showers being the cause of May flowers way back in 1557. He is also the one who coined the phrase, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” He was a wise and practical man who had in mind to help others with their “gardening.” Thomas lived and died in England where the weather is more like the northern US than the southern so some of the old sayings simply do not fit the time frame of the southern climate.

Spring has already sprung in Georgia. No matter what the weather brings from here on out, be it heavy rains or sunny days, it appears that winter is finally over and planting has begun, but the thing that comes to mind for the month of April is “tax time.” The fifteenth day of April is the deadline for filing federal and state income taxes and is often the most prominent thing on a person’s mind until they are completely filed.

Did you know that, since 1955, April 15 has been the designated federal income tax return deadline date, but that it does not fall on that day every year? If April 15 happens to land on a Saturday or a Sunday or on Emanicpation Day, or actually any other holiday for that matter, then tax returns are not due until the following business day. This year, 2011, April fifteenth is on a Friday, so… no break for the late this year.