Lawn Care Part 1 – Give your house the glory it deserves!

Your house may never get the true glory it deserves unless and until it has a beautiful lawn to show it off. This is why most homeowners spend so much time and effort in trying to maintain a great-looking lawn. Trying to achieve a beautiful lush green carpet and getting only sparse patches or streaks and burns can be the cause of many hours of frustration.

The main reason for this is most homeowners have very little knowledge about fertilizers, their types and their uses. Your lawn actually depends upon over a dozen chemical elements most of which are present naturally. But several other elements which are not present in the environment need to be added to your lawn. Amid much talk about npk ratios (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ratio) many people think, “All I need to do is get a fertilizer that has some npk, or a mixture of all three, and spread it around on my grass! Bam! Beautiful lawn!” What you have is a natural recipe for disaster. Your lawn does need to eat. And it does need some of each of these three major elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. But you need to know why, how much and when to feed your lawn.

Nitrogen is at the top of the major elements your lawn needs. Nitrogen gives the grass its rich green color and makes it grow sturdy, dense and thick. When your lawn is healthy and strong it will naturally be able to fight off pest and diseases and produce a beautiful accent to your house. Potassium works right along with the nitrogen to help toughen the roots and foliage. Potassium enables your lawn to resist drought, wear and tear, disease and cold weather. Phosphorus works more under the surface to encourage strong grass root growth.

Most fertilizers found at your local garden center will contain all three. The major elements in fertilizer are represented with a three digit number such as 12-6-8 or 30-10-10. Each number is the percentage of each element in the following order: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each blend of fertilizer serves a different purpose or need. For example, a blend with more potassium is good for preparing grass for winter. Before choosing any blend of fertilizer it’s best to know the grass needs to determine the right combination of the elements. Consider the time of year, the climate, soil type and most importantly the type of grass, health or condition of the lawn ? new or established. The more you know the more informed decision you can make on feeding your lawn.

In part two we will give you an introduction to the types of fertilizers and how they can be used to help you accomplish your goals. In part three we will discuss the million-dollar question of, “When should you fertilize?” If you should decide that you would rather have Precision Lawn Care take care of your lawn for you, call us at (770) 979-5171 or click here and complete the form selecting the Lawn Care & Tree and Shrub Service box. One of our professionals will call to discuss how we can help you have that beautiful lawn you deserve.


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