A tree’s appearance and health is directly related to pruning. Fast growing trees such as maples and crape myrtles require a great deal of pruning. Other trees or shrubs may require none whatsoever. There are two basic types of pruning; thinning out and heading back.

Thinning out means to cut off specific branches all the way back to the point of its origin. This technique is used when you want to inspire growth to increase height, or to open out a shrub or tree which is too dense. This type of pruning allows more energy to be used by the remaining branches.

Heading back means cutting back the smaller branches or individual buds. This technique serves many purposes. Increased flowering, denser leaf cover, size and shape control are just a few results of this method.

When To Prune: If you are pruning for safety reasons or to control disease, you can prune anytime. The seriousness of the problem should dictate the timing. Most pruning, however, should be in the late winter or early spring before the buds break. Specific plants require different timing, and we will cover some of those later. Early to mid summer is also a good time for trees, but don’t wait too long or you will interfere with the trees food storage for the coming year.

How to Thin Out:

  1. Find the correct tool for the job. You want to use something that will provide a clean cut. The cleaner a cut is, the reduced chance of infection. It is also much easier to cut if you use something reflective of the size of the job.
  2. Cut all the way back to the origin of the branch, whether it be another branch, or the trunk itself.
  3. Always cut at an angle.

How to Head Back:

  1. Find the correct tool for making a clean cut
  2. Trim just below the buds after the plant flowers.
  3. If trimming into a hedge, be sure that sunlight can reach the lower branches or the hedge will be see-through.

Special Tips and Things to Remember:

  1. Cutting a branch or bud results in more growth 2-4″ below your cut.
  2. When cutting off large limbs, be sure to trim off some of the bark of the branch so when it falls it does not rip bark off the trunk.
  3. Overgrown and dense shrubs will bloom less than one that is more open.
  4. Try to prune trees to have one tall leader, this provides for a stronger trunk and a faster grower.
  5. Prune off all shoots at the base of a trunk as well as any diseased branches.
  6. Prune azaleas lightly right after they bloom and it will flower more the next season.
  7. Your local extension office has many specific brochures if you run into special problems.
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The Art of Yard Design

There is a long unmentioned form of envy started many years ago between men of all ages. This passion spoken about in locker rooms and on golf courses has now ached epidemic records spreading across all genders of all ages. Big or small, long or short, thick or slender. Who doesn’t want to have their pride and joy standing proud and firm for all to see? Let’s face it; everyone wants to have the best looking lawn on the block!

High end homeowners invest a lot of time and attention to the care of their yards as there’s nothing that brings more attention and curb appeal better than a well manicured lawn. We all desire that rich luscious rolling green lawn and it can be had with by using a few revolutionary methods of Lawn Care, providing the optimal path in landscaping and lawn maintenance.

High End homeowners, agents and brokers alike have been keeping their grass lush and green with a professional method known as “reel cutting”. This unique and specialized system of lawn care is known among HOA’s, POA’s and deluxe upscale commercial properties as lawn service at its perfection. Rather than chopping the grass blade and ripping it from the bottom of the shaft, Reel Cutting actually trims the blade in a mechanical manner similar to a barber using a comb and scissor.

As we look further in to the art of yard design, we begin to look at the combination of Residential Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care & Tree/Shrub services, Landscaping and Hardscaping, and Seasonal Enhancements. These are the key ingredients in producing a home outside your home. As seen on many popular Home design and Do it Yourself channels, creating that perfect outdoor space and outside rooms are the topics of hot discussion. Living is extended outside the walls of our homes reaching into our backyards. Custom fire pits combined with outdoor ovens, wet bars and appliances create the perfect place for a family barbeque or an intimate dinner for two. With the installation of low voltage lighting or a combination of low and high voltage, you can achieve that magnificent and breathtaking view thought only to be had in the movies. Add in the hot tub and cabana for a delightful evening of romance and splendor!

Season Enhancements provide the right mixture of color and texture that aid in keeping lawns and property looking at their peak year round. Not only do these features add beauty to your yard, they provide the necessary ingredients to maintain the integrity of your lawn below the surface. By aerating and seeding, you will not only add beauty, but will install longevity in your home ultimately saving you money and value. Enjoy the fragrance from plants and shrubs all year with professional planting and care of blooms and plants.

Having your home or property Tree serviced by a shrub and tree service is essential in bringing out the design, distinction and structure your home deserves. Not only adding beauty, shrub design adds a measure of security to your home and family. Dating back to early times, shrubbery as been seen as an effective tool in protecting your home. However, let shrubs go unattended; they can become a haven of hiding spots for intruders. Keep your family and your assets safe with a shrub and tree service.

So we have seen that landscaping, Reel Cutting, Seasonal Enhancements and property and yard design not only provide you with endless days and nights of enjoyment, they have a unique way of bringing families together. Land and Hardscaping add a significant sense of value to your home and properties making you stand out from the others with pride and achievement.

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