Outdoor Living Space


A great way to increase your living space is through hardscaping. Outdoor living areas, patios, kitchens and fireplaces offer a wide array of opportunities. Precision Lawn Care has experienced professionals capable of meeting your desires.

As with any landscape, planning is the key. You will want to plan the entire area. You wouldn’t want to build a outdoor kitchen where you might want a walkway later. Once you’ve decided to create an outdoor space, you must plan carefully to meet your hardscaping goals. Our designers are available for the task.

From rustic stacked stone walls, to patios, barbecue, pond or walkway, we have the experience to do it right

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Proper Maintenance

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We mow weekly. During the growing season we assure you that we are not removing more of the leaf blade as is necessary. We mow in straight lines alternating the pattern every other mow if possible. Turf in dormancy will also be mowed periodically to make sure your lawn looks sharp all year round.

We keep our mower blades sharp. Sharp blades cut the grass without tearing it. We leave clippings. This allows much of the water and nutrients in the clippings to return to the soil, thus reducing the need for watering and fertilizers.


We maintain a clean edge on the turf creating separation between bed areas and turf. This also helps keep grass from growing into the beds.

Weed Control

A healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds in your turf. Appropriate mowing height, frequency of mowing, sharp blades, watering and fertilization and soil amendment will help keep your lawn healthy. Check out our Lawn & Tree/Shrub Care services. We use contact, selective and non selective herbicides to maintain control. We carefully maintain properly mixed herbicides to ensure we do not introduce more chemicals into the environment than are needed to maintain your landscape.


Aeration removes plugs from the turf allowing more oxygen into the root zone and reducing compaction which allows microorganisms to naturally reduce thatch. Aeration is best performed in the Spring or Fall. Aeration is an additional service offered by Precision Lawn Care. Contact us for more information.


Applying Lime in spring or fall helps maintain adequate PH in your lawn. It’s inexpensive and often results in the elimination of one fertilization application. Application is an additional service we offer. Contact us for more information.


Thatching is the process of mechanically removing dead grass layer between the roots and foliage of grass from turf. It is typically not needed as much as is often thought. If your turf has a spongy feel, thatching is probably indicated.


Overseeding is often a necessity. Many cool season grasses in our area are annuals. Overseeding helps fill in bare spots and helps crowd out undesirable grass varieties.

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