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Precision Lawn Care Inc. Newsletter September 2016

Happy labor day. illustration with USA flag
The first Monday in September is set aside as a national holiday to celebrate the economic contributions of the working folks of the United States. Labor Day is enjoyed by the working people as a day off from their labors in order to spend time with their families at the back yard barbecue or the beach. Labor Day falls on the fifth of September in 2016.

More than a hundred years ago, at the request of New York City's Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor the first Labor Day parade was held in 1882. The unions wanted the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country to be officially recognized. The first state to create a legal labor day holiday was Oregon in 1887 which was followed by a domino effect through 29 other states until congress declared it a nationwide day to celebrate labor in 1894.

In the beginning there were street parades and displays of numerous laborer's works which were followed by city festivals, food, and fun at back yard gatherings. As time passed Labor Day also provided an excellent opportunity to give political speeches and take pictures for posterity which can still be seen in some cities.

Today, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. We begin to anticipate the change of seasons in our minds, whether it actually shows up in the weather or not. Some recall that the old folks used to stop wearing white on this day, and the kids went back to school the next day – although, here in Georgia, the young students of 2016 have been hard at work for a few weeks, already. I'm sure they are looking forward to their mini-vacation and three-day weekend rest thanks to the contributions of their parents and all the working people of the U.S.

Labor Day provides the one big holiday for folks to do cook outs or watch the first college football games on TV between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Everybody loves the opportunity that Labor Day provides to have a last-of-summer fling and food fest on their much desired day off from work before fall begins to hit the air. Many people look forward to this holiday's car races, too, which are provided by both NASCAR and the NHRA drag racing circuit.

By far, the largest Labor Day event in the country takes place in Brooklyn, NY during the West Indian American Day Carnival which attracts nearly two million tourists and locals every year. The carnival provides seven hours of costumed parades down Eastern Parkway and also provides a place for street venders to show off their authentic West Indian cuisine along with all the traditional American street vendor foods, too. Don't be surprised if you find groups of people tossing paint powders at one another, just like they do in India. Don’t wear your Sunday best to this event. You don't have to join in, but it is still very fun to simply stand back and watch the big kids go crazy for colors.

If you plan on traveling on Labor Day weekend be prepared to find lots of others with the same idea. You will want to order your tickets way in advance because Labor Day is a busy travel time at airports. You will find lots of traffic on the roads, too, as people head out for a trip back home to the family picnic or out to who knows where on their last of summer fling.

Happy Labor Day!!

Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn!

Most people have a love hate relationship with their lawns. They love nice, green, full turf but hate to maintain it. Love it or hate it, it has to be done. We love it by the way, which is why we are in business! But whether we mow it or you mow it there are some things to consider.

mowDon't cut it too short. You may want to maintain your mower at the highest level setting to insure that you do not cut more than the top one third of the grass. Taller grass promotes root development and shades the ground keeping moisture in. A side benefit is weed seeds need sunlight to germinate. A full healthy turf is its own weed barrier!

Cut often. Maintaining a higher turf will require weekly cutting during growth season. Many people have a false assumption that mowing shorter means mowing less. Healthy turf renews itself quickly.

Keep mower blades sharp. Dull blades tear the grass. Torn ends dry and brown out quickly, leaving the grass with a dull look for several days. Sharp blades cut the grass, leaving a clean looking lawn.

Mow in different directions each time you mow. This maintains and even cut preventing the grass from growing in a set pattern.

Don't Catch it! There is no need to catch grass clippings as you mow. Mowing at a correct height every seven days will allow the clippings to return nutrients back to the grass without a harmful thatch buildup.weeds

Get rid of weeds. The true secret to banishing weeds is to grow such healthy grass that it chokes out the invaders naturally. Mowing regularly helps because it tops off weeds like dandelions and crabgrass before they have a chance to scatter their seeds. If you find yourself battling call us for help.

aerateYour grass needs air, water and food to flourish. Remember it is a living breathing plant. Aerate at least once each year. Aeration punches holes on the ground allowing water, air and nutrients to get where they are needed.

Check your water regulations in the area you live before setting a watering routine. Water your turf regularly. Most grasses in the Atlanta area can live with 1 to 1 ½ inches of water per week during the growth season. It is best to water once or twice per week and water deeply than to water every day. Shallow feedwatering evaporates quickly doing more harm than good for your lawn.

Feed your turf. Different grasses and areas require different amounts and types of fertilizers. Find tips on how, when and what to feed your lawn at our blog under “Fertilization”.

Call Precision Lawn Care, Inc. if you need help with any maintenance areas!


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