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    Your landscape adds beauty and value to your home. But, as with any other part of your home, proper care and maintenance is important! A perfectly kept turf requires constant Lawn Care to feed and protect it from unwanted weeds and other pests. Your Trees and Shrubs need regular treatment to prevent destruction from insects and diseases. Many lawns need regular Aeration and Overseeding to keep them lush and healthy. And Seasonal Enhancements such as color replacement and Mulch replenishment help maintain the beauty and enhance the value of your property. Regular Maintenance is required for lawns to keep them properly trimmed and trees and shrubs need regular pruning to keep them from becoming unsightly.

    You have other things to do with your time. Call Precision Pawn Care for a free estimate on the services necessary to protect and maintain your valuable investment!

    Our Services

    Lawn Care Service

    Our cutting edge lawn care program is developed by horticulturists in our region, and designed specifically for each yard. Each and every application is precisely timed, throughout the year, for optimal results.

    Tree & Shrub Care

    We use the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to determine the best program to offer a tree and shrub service designed to give your landscape the nutrients, protection and conditions it needs not only to survive but thrive.

    Related Services

    Image is critical to the value of your property. Aeration, Overseeding, Seasonal enhancements, and Mulching are always necessary to maintain beauty and performance of your property. Precision Lawn Care can handle these services!

    Landscape Services

    We specialize in reel cutting for home owners, commercial/industrial and HOAs. Our detail-oriented crews will make your landscape shine bright season after season.

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